Exploring how Writing, Research, and Integrity are being shaped by Technology for Education.

Technology has created a learning environment which transcends the confines of the physical classroom and offers both educators and students a wealth of opportunities and challenges. At the core of this contemporary technological landscape academic writing remains a fundamental cornerstone of the educational discourse at all levels.

Through the convention of academic writing our students become part of a global academic community, and develop the key writing and research skills necessary for them to progress not only in their academic career but also beyond, whether this is in the workplace or in the field of scholarly publishing. Underpinning all aspects of this journey are the fundamental principles of academic integrity which transcend geographical borders and are informed by technological interventions of one kind or another.

Building on the foundations of the International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference (IIPC) which, over the past 12 years has built up an impressive reputation as a forum for presenting innovative research and key debates in the field of academic integrity, WRITEconference 2017, hosted by Turnitin will consider the impact of technology on writing development, scholarly research and academic integrity in the global education landscape.

Join us in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2017 to explore how technology is shaping these areas.


Using technology to develop academic writing skills.


How technology is transforming the global academic research and publishing landscape.


Exploring technologically-informed strategies to promote academic integrity and prevent academic misconduct. In collaboration with the Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity (APFEI).


Making use of technology to provide effective feedback to students as part of a formative learning process.


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